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Horses are drugged and shocked–will you do one more thing to help them?

Repeatedly drugged. Forced to race despite lameness. A PETA undercover investigator spent months documenting this and other heartbreaking abuse of horses as they were doped up in order to keep them running. We were able to pursue this case because of a very special group of supporters who provide a consistent source of funding for this special work. Now we ask that you please join this exclusive group of PETA members.

Help support life-changing investigations—and save more animals—by making a monthly gift to support PETA’s Investigations & Rescue Fund today!

At this moment, we’re working hard to pressure authorities to hold trainers, jockeys, and other horse-racing officials accountable for their actions. But we can stop cruelty to horses and other animals only if someone is there to shine a light on the abuse—that’s why we desperately need your support, Jim.

Undercover investigations like this one have been at the core of many historic victories that have saved countless animals’ lives. From our first investigation in 1981 of a laboratory that abused primates in Silver Spring, Md., to the exposé of a “pet” trade supplier that led to the largest confiscation of animals in California history, our undercover work is changing how corporations, universities, and governments treat animals.

And most importantly, these investigations save animals’ lives.

Whether they’re exposing horrors in the meat and dairy industries, revealing hidden cruelty in laboratories, documenting the abuse of elephants and other animals in the name of entertainment, or revealing the dirty secrets of the “pet” trade, our brave investigatorsoften put their own safety at risk to help animals who would otherwise suffer unheard.

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    Thanks for bringing this up and holding them to account, we also have issues here in Oz regarding helicopter shooting of wild horses.
    I will reblog this.

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