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First the egg, now the chicken

When people know how their food has been farmed, it can transform millions of lives. Cage-free egg sales rocketed in the EU when all eggs were labelled by production system. And, surely, what’s right for egg-laying hens is right for chickens reared for meat?

Today, please join the call for honest labelling of all poultrymeat in Europe.

One simple change

Voluntary labelling terms already exist for EU poultry – describing higher welfare farm systems, such as free range. This means that one simple rule change would deliver method of production labelling of all poultrymeat, and help improve the lives of chickens across Europe.

Tightly packed chickens
Honest labelling can change the lives of farm animals.
Take action

Please sign our letter to Europe’s farming ministers today. Ask them to call on the European Commission to make the voluntary labelling terms mandatory. That way, all poultrymeat, including meat from chickens in factory farms, will be labelled by farm system.

The Commission made the labelling rules – they can change them – it’s really that simple. First came the egg, now let’s do the same for chickens.

Take action


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