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Sheepwrecked – Environmentalists v Farmers



Over the last week I have been helping out on a farm in the Scottish Borders in the lambing shed (hello to you all at Overlangshaw!) and while I was there I began reading Alan Butler’s book ‘sheep’, a work that sets out an argument for sheep being some of the most important historical actors of all time, forging the grazed hill landscape we recognise today. This article specifically focuses on environmentalist George Monbiot’s prominent attack on sheep. In an article last year in the Spectator, titled Sheepwrecked, Monbiot claimed that ‘Britain has been shagged by the white plague’ and sheep have ‘done more extensive environmental damage than all the building that has ever taken place’, preventing ecological succession on the hills and sentencing our landscapes to monocultures of grasses rather than the complexity of species that might otherwise be able to thrive (I suggest you read the article…

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