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Do one simple thing for 95% of US farm animals

95% of all farmed animals in the United States are chickens raised for meat. That’s over 8 billion animals.

Nearly all of them are bred to grow so unnaturally large and so unnaturally fast that they can collapse under the weight of their own enormous chests and have difficulty walking and breathing.

Watch the Better Chicken Initiative video

Overcrowding makes it difficult to keep the air fresh and their litter clean and dry. Nearly all of them receive regular doses of antibiotics just to survive in this environment.

Do one thing to help US chickens

You can change this. I’m delighted to tell you that this week our US office launched their first ever major public campaign. Supported by Jamie Oliver, the Better Chicken Initiativeenables consumers to demand a better quality of life for US chickens.

The USA factory farms on a massive scale. It is the birthplace of factory farming and US ‘innovations’ such as feedlots and mega-dairies are still driving intensification around the world. You can take on the US factory farming system: Join the campaign and spread the news as widely as possible.


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