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Why are cosmetics tests on animals still being performed?

Why are some industry and environmental groups pushing for new regulations that could cause an increase in the number of animals poisoned and killed in cruel cosmetics tests in the U.S., when these archaic tests on animals are illegal in India, Israel, and the 28 member nations of the EU? 

Even as more and more countries have embraced modern testing methods and ended all tests on animals for cosmetics and personal-care products, the U.S. and Canada continue to permit companies to poison and kill animals in cruel product tests. In these painful tests, rabbits and other animals are tightly restrained while chemicals are dripped into their eyes or they are immobilized and have substances smeared onto their bare skin. In most cases, they must endure these horrors without any pain relief! 

Will you help PETA save animals from misery by giving generously right now? 

When we first began to pressure corporations to stop testing cosmetics and other household products, such as shampoo, on animals, there were just a handful of companies that had sworn off the deadly animal tests. Now, more than three decades later, more than 1,400 companies have banned product tests on animals. And more companies are making that same cruelty-free commitment almost every day. 

Our efforts to end these cruel tests are beginning to change government policy as well. In recent years, the EU has banned all tests on animals for cosmetics and cosmetics ingredients and halted sales of all cosmetics tested on animals anywhere in the world. Last year, Israel adopted a similar ban on testing cosmetics on animals, and just a few months ago India also committed to ending animal testing for cosmetics and household products after many months of intense campaigning by PETA India and its supporters. 

The fact that countries around the world have banned these archaic tests on animals is a powerful testament to what PETA and caring consumers have long known: that tests on animals are not only ethically wrong but also scientifically inferior

The best way to determine the safety of a cosmetics product or ingredient is through sophisticated non-animal testing methods, which are frequently both cheaper and more accurate than tests on animals could ever be. 

Your much-needed donation today will be put to work immediately to help stop deadly tests on animals in laboratories and anywhere else cruelty occurs. 

While the U.S. and Canada still lag behind other countries that have banned cruel and archaic cosmetics tests on animals, we’re seeing some progress. Since September 2013, more than 75,000 U.S. residents have contacted Congress through PETA’s online action alert and urged legislators to ban cosmetics tests on animals, and almost 18,000 Canadians and other compassionate people have signed PETA’s petition calling on the Personal Care Products Council to support a ban on such animal tests. These appeals are now yielding promising new government proposals in the U.S. as well as industry attention worldwide. 

A new bill introduced in Congress in March, the Humane Cosmetics Act, would ban cruel cosmetics tests on animals in the U.S. one year after being enacted—and the sale of animal-tested products would be prohibited three years after the bill’s approval. 

Although there’s a long way to go before this newly proposed measure could become law, its introduction represents a groundbreaking step toward ending cosmetics tests on animals in the U.S. 

The victories for animals in the EU and India were won after extensive campaigns by PETA and our affiliates. There were meetings with government officials, testimony from PETA scientists, numerous demonstrations, and work from thousands of animal advocates around the globe. That same level of determination will be needed now if we want the U.S. to ban cosmetics tests as well! 

Please make an urgent gift right now to support PETA’s landmark work to end cruel and deadly animal tests—and continue all our work to stop the suffering and exploitation of animals around the world. 

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