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Rainbow Warrior update

Rotterdam harbour. The tanker was carrying the very first oil from icy Arctic waters.

Among the activists were #Arctic30 members Sini, Faiza, Tomasz, Phil, Gizem, Pete and Anne Mie, who spent 2 months in a Russian prison last year following a peaceful protest at the very same platform this oil came from.

The Greenpeace ship the Rainbow Warrior intercepted the tanker as it was entering Rotterdam harbour. As the tanker slowed to turn, the more nimble Warrior slipped in front and put itself in between the dock and the tanker, preventing it from mooring. Dutch police quickly boarded the ship and arrested the crew.

Four climbers managed to stay on the tanker for several hours, thus preventing it from offloading its dirty cargo.

All activists were released from police custody a few hours after their arrest and spirits are high.

This kind of real-world challenge to oil companies is only made possible by the support of people like you.

Thanks to over 3,500 donors, we reached our target of raising £75,000 towards our Arctic fight-back. This means we will be able to challenge more oil companies at more locations over the next 20 weeks – I’ll keep you posted…

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