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Seal pups clubbed to death

Two years ago, hunters clubbed or shot to death 69,189 innocent baby seals. Last year they slaughtered 88,573 baby seals. How many tens of thousands will it be this year?

I’m writing to ask you to help make it zero next year. It’s been a long battle, but I think we are nearing the end of the fight to protect seals from the commercial hunt. We can’t give up now.

In the past you’ve shown that the animals can count on you, and I’m so grateful for your support. Now I’m asking for you to help animals in a different way. Will you help us end the seal hunt once and for all?

Governments worldwide have condemned what can only be called a brutal massacre.

Seal pups lie defenceless on the ice as the hunters approach. Some try to move away in a panic, but even the fastest pups are no match for men with clubs and rifles.

Helpless seals, some as young as 21 days old, will be killed for products no one wants or needs. Last year, the sealers admitted dumping 6,000 pelts into the ocean because there were no markets for them. It’s time to stop the seal hunt.

IFAW supporters helped win a ban on seal products in countries across the European Union. The World Trade Organisation upheld the ban with just a few exceptions, but Canada is appealing the ruling. Canada has propped up a dying industry, spending at least $50 million in tax dollars since 1996 to subsidise sealers, when the government should be helping sealers transition to other work.

Baby seals are being killed, for what? Seal fur hats and sealskin gloves, and meat that few people have an appetite for.

I believe we’re closer to victory than ever before. The voices of caring people like you helped IFAW stop the hunting of whitecoat seals under 12 days old. Now we must help the seals just days older.

Please help save the seals from this cruelty.

Waging an anti-cruelty campaign to protect hundreds of thousands of animals is difficult and expensive. The pockets of the Canadian government are deep, and the fur industry is powerful, but we are determined to end this needless slaughter.

Now is not the time to give up. The seals are counting on us to win this fight.

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