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NY Times op-ed recommending dog adoption

New York Times includes an op-ed, by J Courtney Sullivan, titled, “Adopt a Dog With a Southern Drawl.” (Page A19.) It is lovely long advertisement for adoption. Sullivan describes her own rescue, Landon, who “was hours from being euthanized in an animal control facility in Tennessee” before “someone — we’ll probably never know who — saved him, his six littermates and their mother, and brought them to Bideawee, a Manhattan shelter.”

Sullivan explains that kill rates are highest “in high poverty areas with limited access to affordable veterinary services for spaying and neutering” for example in the rural South, where “unsterilized dogs are often allowed to roam outdoors.”

She writes:
“Many of the dogs that are routinely euthanized in Southern states — healthy Labs, hounds, shepherds and others, including puppies of various breeds — are in high demand in the Northeast” and she explains:
“The benefits of transport go beyond the Southern dogs whose lives are saved. It’s also good for Northern shelters. Being full of desirable animals makes shelters competitive with pet stores that get their inventory from puppy mills, where dogs are often mistreated, overbred and forced to spend their lives in cages without adequate access to food, water or veterinary care. This increases foot traffic and the likelihood that people will adopt pets, rather than buy them.”

You’ll find the full article on line at:

It invites appreciative letters to the editor in favor of adoption, no matter where the animal is born.

The New York Times takes letters at letters@nytimes.com and instructs:

“Letters should preferably be no longer than 150 words and may be shortened to fit allotted space. They must be exclusive to The Times (no prior submission  to, or publication in, any other medium, including the Web). They should generally refer to an article that has appeared within the last  seven days. We reserve the right to edit letters.  To be considered for publication, letters MUST  include the writer’s name, address, current  location (where you are writing from) and daytime  and evening phone numbers at your current  location (for verification, not for publication).”

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