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200 slaughtermen wielding swords

Tens of thousands of buffalo were corralled into a gigantic pen. Then, 200 slaughtermen wielding swords were let loose into the enclosure. The buffalo were beheaded, one by one. It’s no easy task to behead a buffalo – and for many it took more than one attempt.

These are the reports that came out of the ‘Gadhimai’ Festival in Nepal in 2009, where an estimated quarter of a million farm animals were inhumanely slaughtered as part of the sacrifice festival. ‘Gadhimai’, as the festival is known, is set to take place again this November.

Gadhimai buffalo
Please take action now… before it’s too late for another 250,000 animals.

We need your help. Sign our joint petition with Animal Welfare Network Nepal today.

‘Gadhimai’ takes place every five years in the Bara District of Nepal, south of Kathmandu. For 250 years the festival has continued relatively unchallenged, but as news of the inhumane slaughter has spread internationally, animal welfare advocates have spoken out against it.

The Nepalese Government provides significant funding, which makes this festival possible at its terrifying scale. In 2009 the Government paid over £32,000 for animals to be sacrificed. That’s almost 50 times the minimum Nepalese annual wage.

Please tell the Nepalese Government they must stop funding this cruelty!

Compassion in World Farming is working closely with Animal Welfare Network Nepal to fight this festival. We’re supporting grass-roots work in the local community to create a groundswell of resistance but we need your help to apply international pressure on the Nepalese Government.

Please take action now… before it’s too late for another 250,000 animals.

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