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DEPRIVED: The truth behind Chicken

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Water, Sunlight, Fresh Air and freedom of movement are some of the basic functions that us as humans desire every day. But what if you weren’t given water for days?

Or if you were enclosed in a windowless factory, never to even enjoy the embrace of the sun?

Or if the air you breathed was shared within this windowless factory among hundreds of thousands of other beings, just like you.

Walking around in your one foot by one foot area of movement, awaiting your death?

It sounds like a horror movie. But behind the sealed walls of farm factories, hundreds of thousands endure this very life every single day.

Just a few weeks ago, Karen Davis, PhD spoke at the 2014 Conscious Eating Conference, mainly about chicken factory farming and the misconceptions of “alternative farming. This post is a response to this video. Check out her lecture!

According to Davis…

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