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Get Mint-ed!

One Girl's Quest to be a Little Less Sedentary

Ever since I was little, I’ve had a serious thing for mint. Mint candies, mint drinks (this started out as a love for this mint syrup mixed with water that was insanely refreshing, to mint tea & graduated to mojitos), mint ice cream, things that smell like mint (body wash, aromatherapy oil, shampoo)… the list goes on. Now, while trying to be health-conscious, I’ve moved away from the candies, ice creams and syrups but have started regularly buying bunches of mint in my grocery shop to add to my diet.


As with most things, I had no idea what mint can actually do as a regular part of my diet, so here are a few quick facts that I came across this AM:

  1. Mint promotes digestion! It can soothe stomachs if you have indigestion/inflammation (yay for my new mint flavoured Pepto Bismol chewables), and the smell actually activates salivary glands…

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