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Take Action for Red Wolves

The only remaining population of wild red wolves is making their last stand in the wilds of North Carolina. After a successful re-introduction and breeding program, roughly 100 wild red wolves now occupy the eastern part of the state.

Please tell the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to do its job and redouble efforts to rescue red wolves from extinction in the wild.

Red wolves once roamed across the southeastern United States. Today, they are making their last stand in the scrub forests of eastern North Carolina. One of the leading causes of red wolf deaths is gun-shot mortality, including from hunters who mistake the small wolves for coyotes.

Even experts have trouble telling the animals apart at a distance. The state increased the risk of red wolves being mistaken for coyotes and accidentally shot, when in 2013 it authorized night hunting of coyotes in red wolf habitat.

Thanks to legal action filed by Defenders and other groups, red wolves won a temporary reprieve, and coyote hunting has been halted in wolf territory. But now, FWS is under increased pressure from anti-wolf groups to walk away from recovery efforts – making it more important than ever for Americans to speak out in support of this critically endangered population.

Tell FWS to stand up for red wolves and continue red wolf recovery efforts.

North Carolina’s red wolves are the last remaining wild population on Earth, and with fewer than 100 left in the wild, they need all the help they can get.

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