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URGENT: Sanctuary animals need your help today!

As wildfires rage and hurricane season begins to take its toll across the country, untold numbers of animals are finding themselves in need of new homes to replace those lost to natural and man-made disasters. Thousands more, freed from a life of suffering in research laboratories, are in need of permanent safe havens.

The demand for animal sanctuaries has never been greater.

Through the NAVS Sanctuary Fund, we are proud to provide assistance to shelters and sanctuaries in desperate need of immediate intervention due to dire circumstances. But right now, that need is far exceeding available funding.

Sanctuary resources are stretched to their maximums. Requests for emergency funds are coming to NAVS in record numbers. And facilities are at risk of having to turn away the very creatures they’ve promised to care for.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Your donation today to the NAVS Sanctuary Fund will allow these sanctuaries and shelters to continue their important work by helping defray costs from unforeseen damages and emergency situations. In fact, 100% of your donation to the NAVS Sanctuary Fund is used to help ensure permanent, lifetime care for animals—especially at times like this, when they need it the most.

Please consider making a donation—in any amount—to the NAVS Sanctuary Fund.

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