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Mauritius – it’s is no holiday for the monkeys!

Mauritius is an idyllic holiday destination, with its golden beaches, crystal clear waters, and lush vegetation. However, there is a dark side to this tropical paradise that involves the suffering of many thousands of monkeys.

Today, we have released our new eye-catching visual to draw attention to the leading role Mauritius plays in supplying monkeys to the global research industry.

Jim – as you’re reading this email, thousands of long-tailed macaques are imprisoned in concrete pens on breeding farms  across the island of Mauritius. Mothers, snatched from the wild, are used as breeding ‘machines,’ their youngsters taken from them to be later shipped around the world as cargo on airlines to supply research laboratories.

Ethical tourism is becoming more important to holiday makers when choosing a holiday destination and the cruel trade in monkeys for research can only tarnish the international reputation of Mauritius as a holiday paradise.

You can help us raise awareness for the monkeys of Mauritius by sharing the graphic below on social media. You can find it on the BUAV Save Our Monkeys campaign Facebook andTwitter pages. Please also write to the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority to voice your concerns and let them know that Mauritius should be a paradise for both human and non-human primates.

Mauritius really is no holiday for the monkeys. Please sign our petition to help us stop this cruel trade.


Be an ethical tourist – help us save the monkeys of Mauritius.

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