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Pig chasing, WTF.

In a “pig rassle,” grown adults chase, grab at, and tackle a single terrified pig in a mud pit, then slam the pig onto an overturned barrel drum. If you can’t believe that such an event would even exist, you can watch video footage of a pig rassle held by St. Patrick Parish in Stephensville, Wis., just this month here. During this rassle, one pig’s head was pushed into the mud and another limped off after being dropped to the ground. Pig rassles are only one of the many cruel spectacles found at fairs and fundraisers in which unwilling animals are exploited and tortured strictly for entertainment. You can learn about donkey basketball, pony rides, animals used as prizes, and more here, then take action in PETA’s Action Center.

  1. narhvalur
    August 25, 2014 at 03:14
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