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Seven million are already dead

In response to a deadly, rapidly spreading disease decimating the northern long-eared bat, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has decided to do nothing for another six months.

White nose syndrome (WNS) has claimed a staggering number of northern long-eared bats since it first broke out in 2007. Already, the species has lost almost 99% of its population in just a few short years.

Tell FWS to list the northern long-eared bat as endangered NOW!

WNS strikes while bats are hibernating – when their body temperatures are dramatically decreased to reduce energy and survive the winter. Attacking these small creatures at their weakest, the fungal disease awakens them in the dead of winter, exhausting their stored energy – driving them to starvation, dehydration and hypothermia.

Demand that FWS stop delaying the listing process and protect the northern long-eared bat!

Last year, due to WNS and habitat loss, FWS finally proposed to list these bats as endangered. But the agency soon backtracked under pressure from logging and oil and gas industries that opposed the listing.

White nose syndrome is the gravest threat to North American bats that has ever been seen. Tell FWS to take action immediately and move forward with a final decision to list the long-eared bat under the Endangered Species Act!

The loss of this and other bat species has the potential to become an economic and conservation disaster. It has been estimated that insect-eating bats provide up to $53 billion worth of pest-control services every year to U.S. agriculture.

Combined with habitat loss and cave disturbance, WNS could wipe out northern long-eared bats for good. Only federal resources and protection can save this species from extinction.

Please take action – before it’s too late.

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    August 25, 2014 at 03:14
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