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Dairy Cruelty

The routine misery endured by cows on dairy farms is horrifying.

In disturbing footage that PETA first revealed this week, cows are shown wading through their own liquefied manure with no grass, straw, or other bedding to lie on to rest at night. Known only by the numbers on the tags fastened to their ears, some of these gentle cows suffer from painful infections of their skin and hooves as the manure cakes onto their legs and splashes onto their udders moments before they’re to be milked—something that consumers of dairy products might find alarming.

I wish this case was unique. It isn’t.

You may remember another PETA investigation that showed one dairy where a manager jabbed a fully conscious cow in the ribs with a screwdriver and called her a “dumb bitch” because she couldn’t stand up and where other cows were left to suffer without treatment for their ailments for almost three months, their internal tissue exposed and covered with pus and manure.

As both of these cases show, cows on dairy farms live tortured lives before they’re slaughtered and their bodies are used in soup, dog and cat food, or low-grade hamburger meat.

Will you help PETA protect cows and other animals who are enduring horrors like these right now by making a generous gift today?

Cows aren’t machines to be used and run into the ground. They are living, breathing, sentient individuals and wonderful, loving mothers who carry one calf at a time, for nine months, as humans do. Sweet and curious, they love to socialize, and they form complex relationships. When they discover something pleasant, they jump for joy. Yet on dairy farms, young calves are removed, just hours after being born, from the mothers who love them so dearly—many calves to be killed for veal. The mother cows bellow frantically, but their calves are not coming back.

Vegan choices spare cows and their calves such intense cruelty. That’s why we promoted the idea of going vegan long before it was in vogue. Critics told us that vegan diets weren’t realistic. But we didn’t listen and instead invested everything we could into publishing vegan recipes, cruelty-free shopping guides, and vegan starter kits. Finally, it’s all paying off. Everywhere you turn, vegan choices are becoming commonplace—a shift that is saving both animal and human lives and even helping the environment.

But as long as cows continue to experience horrors like those exposed in our new video, there is much more work to be done.

Holding abusers accountable for their despicable actions. Conducting undercover investigations. Reporting the animals’ side of the story. This is how we’ll save sensitive cows and other animals. It’s wor

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