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Around the world companies are finding new ways to legally destroy irreplaceable ecosystems to make way for mining projects, motorways and fossil fuel pipelines. Now the EU wants to facilitate companies’ environmental destruction by introducing so-called “biodiversity offsetting”.

Please sign our petition to say no to biodiversity offsetting.

Biodiversity offsetting is the promise by companies to replace nature destroyed and lost in one place with nature somewhere else. But it pays little attention to unique ecosystems or to the importance of wildlife and clean water for local people.

In the global south, biodiversity offsetting has already opened the door to companies legally destroying rainforests and grabbing land from local communities.

Sign our petition now to say: nature is not for sale!

Campaigners around the world are coming together to stop this drive to put a price on nature and to turn its complex, crucial elements into simple commodities to be bought and sold. Take action now to stop biodiversity offsetting.

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