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If you are pagan, should you also be vegan?

Dragon Mother

As a pagan, and as a vegan, I find the two very much in harmony with each other. Indeed, I’m quite sure my spiritual beliefs and motivations are closely linked to my ethical stance on the destruction of 180 billion innocent lives every year, directly attributable to the actions of humans for purely selfish reasons. Yes, I said selfish. No, eating food isn’t selfish. Yes, eating food that came from a life that died needlessly and suffered in the process is selfish. If you can live a happy, healthy life without causing harm to another, why wouldn’t you? You can.

And, so…

My thinking tonight is, simply, this:

If being pagan equals striving to be ethical in all things, then why aren’t all pagans vegan, recycling, non-consumerist, donating to sanctuaries/ethical orgs, adopting rescue animals instead of buying from breeders, using non-coercive training methods on their pets, becoming self-sustaining, etc? And…

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