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Wolves and man

Fueled by politics and hatred, Idaho is pushing ahead with its wolf-killing plan.

Just this month, Idaho’s Governor, a fanatical wolf-hater, appointed members to his wolf death panel. Its job: to spend hundreds of thousands dollars for the sole purpose of slaughtering a majority of the state’s wolves.

With your help, we will do all we can to stop the madness – please rush your emergency donation to Defenders’ wolf defense efforts today!

It’s called the “Wolf Control Board,” a committee made up of ranchers, hunters and political appointees. They will decide how to spend $400,000 a year on aerial gunning, trapping, and snaring as many wolves as possible. The general public, wildlife conservation community and even tribal representatives have no representation whatsoever.

Here’s what Governor Otter had to say in announcing members of the wolf death panel:

“It’s up to us to address damage to our livestock herds and native wildlife while maintaining State control over this species that was foisted upon Idaho by the federal government.”

So far, 1,457 Idaho wolves have died since 2009.

Wolves are Counting on You

Defenders of Wildlife was instrumental in the historic re-introduction of wolves in Idaho nearly 20 years ago;

We’re the only national organization with staff in Idaho who helped reintroduce wolves and who continue to work for wolves at the state capitol, state wildlife agency, and with local communities;

With your invaluable help, we remain the most steadfast pro-wolf voice in the region.
There are signs that our efforts are making a difference in the state. Idahoans are speaking out – even the hunting community is starting to come out against this brutal plan.

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