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Coal and the power companies

September 10, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

Big energy companies like EON and EDF are deciding right now whether to spend millions to keep ancient coal power stations open in the UK.

If they get their way, we’ll still be burning coal for decades to come — a disaster for the climate and the air we breathe.

But already, UK political support for coal is on shaky ground. Just last week the Lib Dems announced they want to see “an end to dirty coal power stations” over the next 10 years.

Now we need to show Cameron and Miliband it’s time they took a stand too. Sign the petition to get them on record saying there’s no future for dirty coal.


Coal power is under pressure from all sides. New EU laws could soon force some of the worst-polluting power stations to close down completely. And with UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon hosting a global climate summit in New York this month, political leaders will be keen to show what they’re doing to protect the planet.

Now’s the moment for them to reveal their plans for coal. If they come out and say they won’t support it, that could pull the plug on this deadly energy source in a matter of years, not decades.


The UK’s energy future is at a crossroads: do we choose glorious, green renewables; or climate-wrecking fossil fuels? It’s not enough to beat fracking, we need to turn off dirty coal too.

We’re working together to protect our world, from the shimmering Arctic to the life-giving rainforest, to the hills, meadows and high streets of the UK. Clean air to breathe, a beautiful world to inherit — and that means no dirty coal.


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