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A 60-second video that will stay with you forever‏

October 12, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

A monkey struggles in vain to escape from a constrictive plastic tube. A beagle paces in endless circles, driven mad by confinement and boredom. Locked in a barren metal cage, a kitten trembles with pain, fearing the next terrifying procedure.

The horrifying images and sounds in this video reveal what’s going on out of sight in laboratories. These are not examples of medical progress—they are wasteful, archaic exercises in cruelty. And they must be stopped.

With the help of caring PETA supporters, we are stopping cruel and deadly animal tests, exposing the cruelty of experimenters, and paving the way for humane and effective research methods. But as you read this e-mail, there are still millions of individual mice, monkeys, dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals suffering in fear and torment—they need us, Jim. We cannot let them down and we are set to give our all to try to help them.

Please watch our video right now, and then consider supporting our Global “Stop Animal Tests” Challenge. Every dollar you give before our October 31 deadline will be doubled up to our online goal of $250,000—going twice as far to strengthen our campaign to end cruel experimentation on animals.

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