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For decades, we’ve successfully fought to secure laws banning cages in EU farming – from the barren battery cage for hens, to the notorious veal crate.
But just as improvements are made in one area, agricultural engineers have designed new cages, and politicians have waved them in – or granted exemptions in the laws we worked so hard to achieve.
If they are all laughing behind our backs, I want to wipe the smile off their faces. I hope you will feel the same, and join the fight to end all cages on Europe’s farms.
Will you become a founding funder of Compassion’s End the Cage Age campaign? Every penny, or cent, you donate here today will be dedicated to fighting caged farming.
This is our most ambitious campaign ever. Ending all cages in EU farming won’t happen overnight. It will take a campaign team who are the best in their field. It will take stamina and downright determination. And it will take money.
We estimate we’ll need at least £1 million in the first three years to make this campaign a success. Our initial fundraising target for this year is £150,000. That’s 10,000 founder funders giving £15. Or 5,000 giving £30. Click here to see what your donation could achieve.
It is time for action
I know you don’t need convincing that cages are cruel. But our team’s recent undercover investigation into Europe’s rabbit farms must surely be a wake-up call for this generation to End the Cage Age.
“Cages were either side of me and ran into the distance where a small shaft of light could be seen. The walkway looked like fresh snow – except it was rabbit fur – a white carpet, save for decomposing rabbits and an army of flies marching over them.”
“Just a machine, each doe is pulled from her cage for a few seconds to be inseminated. She’s still rearing her last litter. I realised this is the only time she’ll spend outside of her cage. The does’ production charts show they’ve been here for 2 years.”
“My heart sank as I looked down at a bundle of new-born rabbits at the front of their mother’s cage. Their little pink toes twitched as they slept. Were they dreaming? With their eyes yet to open, they had no idea what lay ahead of them. Looking around at the vast sheds filled with miserable rabbits I could see their future only too clearly…”
We can stop this. It is time for farming to evolve. If we work together, we can be the pioneers of a brand new era that is built on compassion, not cruelty. Please make a donation today to End the Cage Age.
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