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EnviroWatch: Sun, fuels, climate, & nukes

November 7, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

eats shoots 'n leaves

And a lot more.. . .

We begin with the ultimate source of all that global warming, caught by NASA in spectacular effulgence. From  NASA Goddard:

NASA | Five X-class Flares

Program notes:

This movie shows 8 days – from Oct. 19-27, 2014 — in the life of the largest active region seen on the sun since 1990, including five X-class flares that erupted during that time.

Next, another reminder of the critical state of African health infrastructure, this time from the Daily Monitor in Kampala, Uganda:

Fix hospitals’ waste issues

The Ministry of Health should help Adjumani and Masaka hospitals sort out their piles of medical wastes and stop random disposal. Masaka hospital’s pit is now filled up and medical wastes dumped on open ground, while Adjumani has its incinerator blown up because of overuse. As a result, support staff at Adjumani hospital dumps the wastes within the…

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