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Please tweet to Lisa Ling tonight as she’ll be live during the show 11/9/14

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Unfortunately Lisa Ling’s “This is Life” episode promoting gay rodeo is still set to air this evening on CNN at 10pm Eastern and Pacific. Lisa Ling will be tweeting live during the show from http://Twitter.com/lisaling. Please reply to her tweets, letting her know what you think of her covering any kind of rodeo without acknowledging animal cruelty. If you are from the LGBT community, I doubly urge you to get involved and let her know how you feel about having your community represented this way.

Lisa Ling has been getting loads of flak this week on her facebook page, some of it from some of you, and I send my greatest appreciation. Scroll down her page to check out her various posts and the comments: https://www.facebook.com/Ling

The feedback, polite (thank heavens) but forceful, has caused her to go into defensive mode, publishing an official response in which she said that the focus of the story is the cowboys, not the animals — plus she looked at the gay rodeo association’s policy sheet on animal welfare and was satisfied. I posted a comment suggesting that was equivalent to doing a story on the history of Nike’s factories in Asia, focusing on all sorts of positives for the economy, and, despite heavy protest, omitting any mention of sweatshop allegations because the story just wasn’t about those who were suffering, and because she had read Nike’s press release and was satisfied.

Lisa Ling also got one of her producers, who claims she is a vegetarian animal rights person, to come onto her page to defend the show — as if her vegetarianism gives her the right to throw the animals under the bus.

Andrew Zollman, a member of the gay community who protests the gay rodeo regularly has been leading the charge on Facebook. He has posted youtube videos showing the truth about gay rodeo. There are many on the LGBT Compassion site at: http://www.LGBTcompassion.org/gayrodeo

Please give this wonderful activist the support he needs on Facebook and especially this evening on Twitter – 10pm Eastern (and perhaps again at 10pm Pacific). Let’s not let Lisa Ling, this evening on Twitter, bathe in praise from people who are glad to see their lifestyle portrayed in a positive light, when in choosing to cover this subset of the gay community, protested by so many in that community, she has glorified animal cruelty.

Go to http://Twitter.com/lisaling and reply to her tweets. You may wish to retweet Andrew’s tweets (https://twitter.com/andrew_zollman ) and mine (https://twitter.com/theKarenDawn ). And you may want to use the hashtag Lisa Ling is using, #ThisisLife.
Or please, those of you who are more Twitter familiar, compose your own tweets for Lisa Ling and include links to rodeo video and photos.

If you can’t be available at 10pm Eastern, feel free to tweet at her now.

I know many of you have also complained to CNN. After all, how could the network that brought us Blackfish be bringing us this?
If you haven’t, please do, the link is http://www.cnn.com/feedback/show/?s=generalcommentshln&hdln=4

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