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Walmart, which if it were a country would be the 20th largest in the world, is not implementing environmental practices out of the goodness of its heart. In the two years after Walmart began its waste reduction program, cutting unnecessary packaging by just five percent saved the company $11 billion globally.1
Walmart’s goal of reducing overall packaging five percent by 2013 would be equal to removing 213,000 trucks from the road, saving about 324,000 tons of coal and 77 million gallons of diesel fuel per year.2
In 2005, Lee Scott, then CEO of Walmart, announced goals to reduce energy use at Walmart stores 30 percent over three years, double the fleet efficiency of its vehicle fleet, and build hybrid-electric long-haul trucks. The company projects that this will save $300 million each year by 2015. Installing a device that limits truck idling is already saving the company $25 million each year.3

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