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Factory Farming

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Home to 680 million pigs, China is experiencing an explosion in large scale intensive pig farming.
It is horrifying to think of these animals crammed into vast, cruel ‘pig cities’. But there is a chance to turn the tide. An unexpected shift in attitudes has led to a fledgling animal welfare movement in China, with Compassion in World Farming at its heart. We need to grab this opportunity with both hands.
Will you help protect half the pigs on Earth from appalling suffering, before it’s too late?
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When Jeff Zhou, Compassion’s representative in China, warned me of the future facing China’s pigs, I had to see for myself. It was a chilling experience.
To give you an idea of the scale of the problem in China, until very recently there were no words for ‘animal welfare’ in either the Cantonese or Mandarin language.

Figures from FAOSTAT 2012.
As Chinese people try to emulate meat-rich Western diets, demand for pig meat is rocketing. And this isn’t the only lead China is taking from the West. The Chinese farming industry is importing the most “advanced”, “efficient”, and inhumane intensive farming methods it can find.
One rapidly expanding farm company I visited in eastern China started 20 years ago with 22 breeding sows. Today they produce one million pigs a year – and plan to increase that to nine million in the next two years. That’s equivalent to nearly ALL the farms in the UK. My heart sank to see their latest farm, still under construction; row upon row of white industrial units. Built to house thousands of steel pig pens and inflict misery on generations of pigs.
But it doesn’t have to be this way. There is new hope.

Good Pig Production Award‑winning Shandong Huashengjiaquan Agri‑Husbandry Development Co. Ltd
In the last year, working with China’s official new International Cooperation Committee on Animal Welfare (ICCAW), Compassion has introduced the Good Pig Production Award – which rewards farmers for improving pig welfare. It encourages real, meaningful steps like eliminating sow stalls, in which pregnant pigs can’t even turn around. Already we estimate that over 750,000 pigs are set to benefit every year.

“Working with Compassion, we have learnt about good welfare in farming. We also pass the idea of animal caring and love for animals to others. We believe that higher welfare farming means that pigs can live a happy life, and human beings can live a life of health and longevity.”
Ms Wang Wei & Mr Wang Fawang
Guilin Waiangijaguo Agriculture New Tech Development Co Ltd
Can you help change the lives of millions more animals? Help us inspire more Chinese farmers to choose a higher welfare future.
We’ve had great success with our awards programme before. Some of the world’s leading food companies have already committed to change for Europe’s farm animals. Your donation could help to achieve the same in China.

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