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In the Gadhimai aftermath, reasons for hope

December 3, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

The Gadhimai slaughter festival is over for another 5 years. Many thousands of animals were brutally slaughtered, and our Investigation Unit documented their fate. The animal suffering was immense. This must never happen again.
Click here to view the picture story from our Investigations Unit. Please note, some images may cause distress.
Click here to email Nepalese Ministers and tell them: Never Again.
Alongside our campaign partners Animal Welfare Network Nepal (AWNN) we fought hard to stop the festival. 176,000 of you signed the petition calling for an end to the slaughter and an end to government subsidies for slaughter festivals in Nepal. We also met with the Nepalese Embassy in the UK and worked with animal protection groups in over 20 countries to create international pressure, knowing that the potential risk to tourism was a fear of the Nepalese Government.

Sadly the festival went ahead and thousands of buffalo, goats, chickens and other animals ended their lives in fear and distress.
However, together we DID make a difference. This IS the beginning of the end.
■ Your campaigning achieved its first objective, as the Nepalese Government did not give any official funds to the festival.
■ The Indian Government took action at the country’s border and thousands of animals were prevented from crossing into Nepal for the festival.
■ AWNN successfully convinced many festival goers to forgo sacrifice and instead make a small cut to their animal’s ear as an alternative blood-offering, saving the lives of over 300 buffalo.
■ The number of animals involved was vastly reduced – we believe by at least 75% in comparison to the last festival.
■ Due to the reduction in buffalo numbers a contract that had been agreed with a meat-buyer was cancelled, which is likely to have had huge financial impact on the festival organisers.
■ Despite rumoured government attempts to ban photography, the international press widely covered the festival, applying additional pressure on the Government to make sure this sacrifice never happens again.
All these things give me hope, and they should give you hope too. But without continued pressure on the Nepalese Government this festival will take place again in 5 years’ time. Please, read our investigators’ picture story and share it with your friends and family (please note, some images may cause distress). And if you haven’t already, take action by emailing Nepalese Ministers. Tell the Government of Nepal: this must never happen again.

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