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In 10 days, world leaders will decide the direction for years to come in the battle to curb climate change — but right now national negotiators are afraid of arguing for ambitious action, caught in a bureaucratic bubble that punishes passion. We need to re-connect them to their communities by lighting thousands of local fires in the towns and cities they represent, showing them people across the world are serious about a global shift to clean energy.

Avaazers everywhere have created local climate campaigns and if we super-charge their calls for 100% clean energy by creating thousands more petitions, we can show negotiators meeting right now in Lima, Peru that our countries are committing to clean energy from the inside out. Our negotiators are human too — cities aren’t just names on a page, they’re the hometowns of friends and family, places with meaning that can reconnect them with their commitment as civil servants to do everything they can to get a global climate deal.

The key decisions are just days away — click the link below to go to a short petition creation form that also makes it easy to share with friends and neighbours. The Avaaz team will post a billboard outside the climate summit with shining lights for each city so negotiators see their countries’ demands as a guiding light to a clean energy future:


Negotiators arrived in Lima days ago for the crucial climate talks, and our call for 100% clean energy is included in the draft plan! It’s ambitious, it’s achievable, and it’s what experts say the planet needs to cut carbon pollution fast — but it could be cut any day. Already 12 major cities worldwide have gone 100% clean. If we come together again like we did just weeks ago for the People’s Climate March, we can make this call for a green revolution take root in other cities and towns everywhere and convince negotiators to keep this crucial commitment.

Cities swing countries into action. Japan brought in a mandatory labeling about climate change impacts from consumer products after the policy was shown to work in the city of Kyoto. Copenhagen, the site of the 2009 climate talks, has inspired Denmark to become the cycling nation — with hundreds of thousands of people cycling to work over a cycle superhighway.

There is already massive wind in our sails: 2.2 million of us have joined the call for 100% clean and in recent weeks we’ve seen amazing progress towards a global deal — the EU announced an emissions target for 2030, and then Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Barack Obama agreed to limit their emissions after 2020. Now we need all other countries to set an ambitious agenda to stop climate change — and you can start by connecting your community’s call for 100% clean straight to negotiators in Lima. Click below to get started — the best petition in each area will be sent to every Avaaz member nearby:


We’ve seen the power of petitions on a national and international level — from stopping a bee killing pesticide in Europe to helping block Monsanto’s dangerous seed plant in Argentina — but that power is amplified when it’s directed at decision-makers by people right in their own community. Let’s use our voices locally to make an impact globally and turn our world 100% clean.

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