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Donations required

December 6, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

Today is our last chance to raise the vital money we need to carry out a top secret investigation in 2015, exposing cruelty and helping animals in desperate need.

By making a Christmas donation through the Big Give at 10am today, your kind gift could be DOUBLED, meaning we can raise more money, having a greater impact for animals.

Only through the kindness of people like you were we able to expose the mobile zoo company Tropical Inc. last year. This cruel company were holding animals Like Eliki the coati in squalid conditions, many ill and all in need of help.

Over 70 meerkats, coatis, monkeys, reptiles and birds were rescued from their terrible lives and rehomed, a happy ending for them.

But this industry and many others continue to exploit thousands of animals every day. We need to expose this cruelty and fight for change!

Please will you help more animals by making a donation through the Big Give at 10am? This is the last day of the challenge so we need to make the most of this great opportunity!

This year, your gifts will help fund a brand new investigation in 2015, to expose animal suffering and share their stories with the world.

Please give today at 10am, for a chance to have your donation matched. This is our last chance to secure the funds we need, please give what you can this Christmas.

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