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In only 7 days, David Cameron could allow a new tax on energy bills that will see billions spent on polluting coal plants.

These power stations already make huge profits — they simply don’t need the cash. And burning more coal will not only be a disaster for the air we breathe, it will ruin our chances of cutting carbon emissions.

That’s why we’ve just launched an urgent petition, telling David Cameron we won’t pick up the tab for climate-wrecking coal.

Can you quickly sign? https://secure.greenpeace.org.uk/coal-tax-1

Government taxes on energy bills aren’t new. In recent years, the money raised has helped fund vital wind farms and solar power, and even helped families cut their bills by covering the cost of better home insulation.

But right now, David Cameron wants to shell out a big chunk on coal. Up to £2 billion could be given to EDF, E.ON, Npower and SSE — cash for them to keep the UK’s oldest, most-polluting power stations running.

Big energy firms like these have a vested interest in keeping the UK power sector the way it is. They don’t want a big shift to renewables. And because they can still make huge profits from coal, they’ve been pressuring the government hard to keep the status quo.

Funding for coal could be decided as soon as next week, so can you join me in telling Cameron to intervene today? Please sign: https://secure.greenpeace.org.uk/coal-tax-1

Coal is one of the biggest threats to the climate, and international experts have made it clear that industrialised countries like the UK should be leading the global phase out [1]. David Cameron already knows this too. And at UN meetings this September, he spoke passionately about ending “perverse fossil fuel subsidies” to polluting industries [2].

But just two months on and it looks like he’s going to do the opposite. Please join me in telling him that shelling out on coal power is the last thing our climate needs:


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