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Making a Killing: The Greyhound Racing Industry Exposed

February 17, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments

Animals in Society Working Group

Like many others we were horrified and appalled by last night’s Four Corners, “Making a Killing”, investigation into live baiting in the Australian greyhound racing industry.  We were not, however, surprised at the revelations that piglets, possums and rabbits are regularly used to ‘blood’ dogs in an attempt to extract from them their best athletic performance.

From the little academic research into greyhound racing violence that exists, there is evidence of endemic violence with a long history, not idiosyncratic or individual acts. Atkinson and Young outline four types of violence they found to be an integral part of the US greyhound racing industry:

  1. breeding violence, e.g. killing or abandoning puppies that are deemed unsuitable for racing
  2. training violence, e.g. pain and injury associated with ‘overuse’; use of performance enhancing drugs,
  3. housing violence, e.g. the ‘stacking’ housing approach akin to battery hens
  4. disposal violence, e.g. killing and dumping dogs at the…

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