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Make Soup, Not Waste

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The Zero-Waste Chef

simple pumpkin soup Pumpkin soup garnished with homemade sour cream and minced parsley

I find that when people realize just how much we throw into landfills and how much plastic finds its way into our oceans, most want to reduce their waste and many don’t know where to start. Unless you buy consumer goods compulsively, I would hazard a guess that your kitchen generates the most garbage—packaging and food.

How bad is our food waste problem here in the US?

According to the NRDC (National Research Defense Council), producing food in the US:

  • Expends 10 percent of the total energy budget
  • Uses 50 percent of land
  • Accounts for 80 percent of all freshwater consumed

A downright obscene amount of food goes to waste in this country:

  • 40 percent of food goes uneaten
  • This waste squanders 25 percent of all freshwater, plus massive amounts of other resources needed to grow all of that food
  • Once it rots in landfill…

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