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Art is cruel?

Can only agree. Why is this art.

Robin A. Sams

Last night, a friend shared a link for this petition.  It is a petition to Florian Mehnert, a German artist, asking him to stop his latest installation, which may result in the killing of a rat.  The rat is in the installation (a big, open-topped, white box on a table) and is being monitored via webcam for eleven days.  At the end of the eleven days, Internet users can choose to remotely pull the trigger on a gun Mehnert has set up at one end of the box.

My first reaction was outright anger.  Animal cruelty isn’t art.

One friend said she would aim the gun at a wall and spend all the ammo.  The problem with that idea is there would be shrapnel/ricochet and, in that small of a space, the rat would likely still be killed.  Also, guns are not perfect; your aim could be off with the…

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