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Why Do I Eat Meat?

Beneficial, Witty Dose of Brianna

So I am one of those people who is super against hunting, feels bad for all of the little animals that frolicking in their natural habits where someone comes in and just kills them. They kill Bambi’s mom, come on guys.
I’m someone who looks at a cow and thinks wow you’re pretty adorable. Or what about pigs, they can be so cute with their chunker selves. Wouldn’t you think that this would constitute that I would be a vegetarian? Yes I’ve contemplated this countless times and have seriously considered it. I have watch the videos of poor, defenseless animals being held in inhumane environments, being tortured and slaughtered. Even thinking about it while writing this makes me shed a tear. I sincerely feel bad for eating meat and I know that every time I take a bite of my chicken burgers or eat my steak, that wow a life…

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