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Why Vegan? #1 – Meet Your Meat

You Are What You Eat


This image cracked me up and serves as a cute interlude to a very difficult post. 🙂

Even though I know some people will have a hard time seeing this video, I have been looking forward to sharing it since we started this blog.  That is because this video opened our eyes to the reality of the meat industry for the very first time.  For us, “Meet Your Meat” ignited the passion to change our lifestyle, and I hope it will be helpful to anyone else who is brave enough to see it.  It’s very uncomfortable to look ‘behind the curtain’ of a slaughterhouse, but seeing these images was a transformative experience for me.  There is a vast difference between knowing something and seeing it with your own eyes.  I always knew that animals were killed to make meat, but having never actually seen what happens inside a slaughterhouse or factory farm, I was completely ignorant to the…

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