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ExxonMobil and disinformation

December 18, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments

UCS analysts unearthed internal documents showing that ExxonMobil recognized the danger and began factoring global warming into its business decisions as early as 1981.¹ In the wake of these revelations and their use in exposés by prominent media outlets, the New York State Attorney General has launched an investigation into whether ExxonMobil broke the law by misleading investors and the public about the risks posed by climate change.²

It’s the first investigation of its kind, and it’s incredibly important. If climate denial becomes a legal liability, fossil fuel companies will have a compelling incentive to stop spreading misinformation—just as Big Tobacco learned.

The New York investigation is just the beginning, Jim. We just launched a new campaign to get the Department of Justice to investigate ExxonMobil at the federal level—and we need UCS member support now to strengthen this fight.

Hold ExxonMobil accountable. Change the way energy companies do business. Renew your support for science now.

The ExxonMobil documents grabbed the headlines, but getting the media to pay attention to corporate deception is just one part of our strategy. Our climate experts are also busy crunching data that will tie carbon producers like ExxonMobil to specific environmental consequences of their operations.

That’s right—we’re working hard to pinpoint exactly how much ExxonMobil and others are responsible for heat waves, rising global temperatures, and more at the company level. This cold, hard data will help hold carbon producers accountable in completely new and very public ways.

  1. December 19, 2015 at 04:21

    The analogy to the tobacco industry is not only fitting but also quite revealing since Big Oil & Coal employed many of the same “researchers” and public relations people to deny anthropogenic climate change as they did in denying the cancer-causing effects of smoking.

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