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Both the Times and the Daily Telegraph, Saturday, May 14, carried articles about the new RSPCA chief’s vow to tone things down.
The Times article, page 7, is titled, “RSPCA made mistakes with prosecutions, new head admits.” The RSPCA’s new chief executive, Jeremy Cooper, is quoted as saying the RSPCA is “very unlikely to bring a prosecution against a fox hunt in the future” and “he wanted to rebuild relations with farmers, who have been attacked for involvement in the badger cull.”
You’ll find the full article on line at http://tinyurl.com/zfkxwth
Letters to the editor should go to letters@thetimes.co.uk and should include your postal address and daytime telephone number
The Telegraph’s page 4 article is titled, “The RSPCA has made mistakes, we have to be honest about that;

Illegal puppy trading, not fox hunting or badger culling, will be the charity’s focus now, says new chief.”
On line it is titled, “RSPCA boss says sorry for blunders and admits charity was too political.”
To underscore the point we see a photo of Jeremy Cooper holding puppies. 
You’ll find the whole article on line at http://tinyurl.com/goqwzxf
An newspaper’s editorial on the issue is titled, “There is hope at last for the RSPCA.” It is on line at http://tinyurl.com/jxpwsm5 
Please take the opportunity to speak up for all animals — not just puppies. 
Letters for publication in The Daily Telegraph can be emailed to dtletters@telegraph.co.uk

  1. May 16, 2016 at 10:57

    Snap! Just published a post about this myself today! x

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