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Obama Trump….Who cares?

December 4, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments

I am sick of getting anti Trump stuff on my twitter and google+ feeds. To me it doesn’t really matter who is leader of the UK or US. These people are all the same. If you dont get it by now, you will never get it. Control is via the elite, businesses, billionaires, world bank……the bilderbergers. We have no say. Everything is rigged in their favour. There will always be a media campaign that has an us and them camp. This is just so you think that there really is a say. Slight of hand is the name of the game.

I will give those who thought Obama done such a good job a few examples of what he said he would do before getting elected and what he did.

  1. The Promise:“Setting a standard for utility companies to that 80 percent of the nation’s electricity comes from clean sources by 2035”

    Update December 1st, 2016: Halted Clean Power Plan incentivizes renewables for power generation.
  2. The Promise:“I will invest $150 billion over the next 10 years – $15 billion a year – to put America on the path of true energy security. This fund will fast-track investments in a new green energy business sector that will end our addiction to oil and create up to 5 million jobs over the next two decades.”

    Update November 30th, 2016: ‘Green business sector’ definition makes funding difficult to tally.
  3. The Promise:“He set a goal to lead the world in college graduates by 2020, and cut the growth of college tuition and fees in half over the next 10 years, a goal that will save the typical student thousands of dollars a year, and proposed bringing together community colleges and businesses to train 2 million Americans for good jobs that actually exist now and are waiting to be filled.”

    Update November 15th, 2016: Though improving, U.S. still lags South Korea.
  4. The Promise:“I want to create a veterans job corps, so we can put our returning heroes back to work as cops and firefighters in communities that need them.”

    Update November 15th, 2016: Programs exist, just not the one Obama promised.
  5. The Promise:“President Obama set a goal to create 1 million new manufacturing jobs by the end of 2016 and is working to double American exports over the next five years by promoting U.S. goods and removing trade barriers, expanding access to credit, and promoting strong growth.”

    Update November 14th, 2016: Statistics fall short on both manufacturing jobs, exports.
  6. The Promise:“Will require all schools of education to be accredited.”

    Update November 14th, 2016: Accreditation not the destination for all schools.
  7. The Promise:“I’ve told Congress, let’s steer federal aid to schools that are doing a good job keeping tuition affordable and provide good value and serve their students well. If you’re getting federal student loans — colleges and universities — you shouldn’t just be loading up a whole bunch of debt on your students. You’ve got to figure out how are you working to make sure that they can afford their education.”

    Update November 2nd, 2016: No federal aid policy for schools that spend more.

As you can see Obama wasn’t such a good guy. He was also paid handsomely for doing what the elites told him to do after he was out Trumped. So when ever one of these so called loony left says Obama the saint, point them here. The only reason they say nothing is in case they are labelled racist as this seams to be a liberal thing to say to stop truth getting out.


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