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Graffiti, Urban Art or Vandalism

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Graffiti is one of those things, you either love it or loath it. I see it as art, urban art to be precise. Its loathed by the upper and middle classes and labelled as vandalism to discredit it as an art form. But what makes it classified as vandalism instead of urban art. And what makes some urban art collectible and sought after, whilst others are discredited as mindless scribbles. These questions I will try to answer.

Graffiti artists start their art form by initially tagging. Territory labeling/marking so to speak. It gets their name out there, gets them recognised. Sometimes done by gang members but also a starting point for young artists. From this, progress is through the generation of bubble writing which progresses to colourful add ons and eventually pectorals. Below are examples.

Writers take great pride in their work and are dedicated. Some continuing, becoming tattooists or artists in their own right. But what I like about this art form is its underground nature, its social levelling, and its illegalness. It doesn’t matter your religion, your colour, your sexual orientation, which speaks volumes for the art world as when did you last see an acclaimed black artist. No the art world is elitist and white, very white. What makes the likes of Tracy Emin’s 1998’s unmade bed an acclaimed masterpiece, shown at Tate Britain, and sold to Charles Saatchi in 2000 for £2.54 million, art.

(FILES) A file picture taken on August 1

It is art because we are told it is. And for it to be considered as art, the art world have to put a value on it. Have you got it yet. The art world is full of upper class pretentious bullshitters. And there is no way that anyone from the lower classes are going to break in to this bullshit art circle even if you have talent. The only one that has broken through is banksy and again they have put price tags on pieces. People who can’t even draw a stick man talk about banksy as if they are at one with an underground movement, never mind cult figure within UK art, graffiti art. I will probably write another article on banksy art and why I think it is super cool because of its politicising but has succumbed to the bullshit art circles.

There is a banksyesk, well it could be a banksy, who knows, in Glasgow. Its quite hard to find but it out there. (To be honest, the piece is signed and i should have noted it. Will do next time, sorry artist).


Love this piece. This is what i think graffiti is all about. Letting the elitists know we know what they are doing and we are not going to stand for it. The sad thing about it is that graffiti like this won’t be found in the city centre where CCTV is everywhere. What graffiti you do find is commissioned stuff that the council wants people to think is that they are at one with the kids and the underground art communities. Although the art is good, it is never politicised. Which is a shame.


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