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The hypocrisy of modern witchcraft

December 15, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments

I was on Facebook a few months ago and came across a modern day witches group and thought this is interesting. Looking through the posts I found that the people were friendly, into homeotherapy and healthy living. living off the land so to speak. Collecting berries, mushrooms and the like and making high energy, good for you, wholesome foods. They shared stories of healthy living and were keen on keeping an environment where animals plants birds etc lived in harmony.


I asked the question to the group of what they thought about eating animals, living beings. This it seamed was an unorthodox question and one that they did not like being questioned around. Answers came, but this one was the one that satisfied their way of life, ‘after they eat the animal, they prey for thanks for allowing them to eat’. Can you believe this. No neither can I, how absurd. Eating animals is not cool. How can you say that you love nature and your surroundings but don’t care for suffering and inhumanity of killing a wild animal. Can you not survive on an environmentally sustainable plant based diet. If not, don’t go around saying you are at one with nature, like some middle class up your own back side type. If you want to eat meat and are content that animals have suffered for your gluttony, that is okay, but don’t go around saying you are something that your not just to be cool. At one with nature, you hypocrites!

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