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Graffiti Edinburgh

December 16, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments

Edinburgh as a city is much more art conscious than Glasgow, possibly due to the high crime in Glasgow or maybe its the high level of security and CCTV cameras. Edinburgh consists of side streets, lots of them, that would be hard to control with cameras. Which is good in a way as it supports urban artists in a way Glasgow does not. Stifling artists creative talents can only be bad for a society in the long run.


I know a lot of people insist that tagging is vandalism but if you ask many of the artists, most started off tagging and then went off to perfect their own areas of art. Of course the art critics out there will say that only fine art is credible. Why is that? Why is it that art is only art if you can place a monetary value on it. Is this any form of commercialism. And why is billboards selling tack okay but urban art not. What is the difference. You tell me as I don’t know. Probably goes back to this sanitised world that we live in, where everything has a place and a monetary value. Even banksy stuff was considered vandalism and taken down as soon as it went up. Now the upper elites have got in on it and have considered it fashionable. And as it is fashionable to them, it must have a monetary value and priced out of the market are, you guessed it. US. The people the art came from. How many times have you seen these so called art critics talking about a banksy, talking pure shit and have no clue as to what the stencil is about. These people can’t even draw and now they talk as if they have some sort of credential. What bull the art circles are. Anyone can be a critic, all it is, is you like it or you don’t. You don’t have to have a degree in fine arts or some other shit degree to know this.

Urban art is all about saying, hay, we know what your government is doing and we don’t like it. We know Monsanto is killing us and people are making money through cancer so called treatments. We know their is corruption. We know the police are only there to keep us in order, and not to fight crimes as such. We know that world rulers want us kept down, they want us to keep feeding the money system. Keep them wealthy. We know who you bilderbergers  are and we don’t like what we are seeing. This is art, this is real art.

You can view the rest of my graffiti photographs on my flickr page, UrbanArtsi.

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