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When Karen Galecki’s company offered her the opportunity to take part in a “Day of Service” by volunteering at a non-profit organization of her choice, she chose NAVS. karen_advocate

“Ever since I learned about animal experimentation as a teenager, I have found it jarring,” says Karen. “It upset me to know animals were going through such suffering, because I realized that there’s no difference between an animal in my house and an animal in a laboratory. They can both experience fear, they can both experience pain—and they both deserve compassion.”

NAVS’ mission to end the exploitation of animals used in science resonated with Karen at an early age, and her passion for animal protection continued through adulthood, leading her to become a NAVS advocate, donor and now, a volunteer.

During her Day of Service at NAVS, Karen put on her “advocate” hat, helping prepare thousands of petitions—signed by NAVS supporters around the country—encouraging Congress to support legislation to end the use of animals in military training, and replace them with comprehensive human-based training methods currently used at our nation’s top medical institutions.

“NAVS not only speaks to my ethical concerns about animal testing and experimentation,” notes Karen, “but they help me learn about—and support—alternatives that are better not just for the animals, but for humans too.”

I hope that you will join Karen in supporting NAVS this holiday season.

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