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So many people are against this guy now. So hypocritical, especially as only a year ago he was a saint to all these same people. I don’t know much about him, coming from Scotland, all I know is that he destroyed pristine countryside to build a golf course for the rich. Which isn’t a good thing. Then objected to wind turbines in the facility of his golf course. Again, not a good thing. But, as a president, is he any worse than Obama or the Bushes or Clintons. He didn’t take any money from the oil companies or the arms dealers or big pharma. All the rest did. Which made them puppets for these industrial complexes. He is against migration. Why. Because it hurts the US workers. Not because he is racist. Where did they get that from. The left wing, if you believe on a right/left are so much controlled by the same puppets that have controlled previous governments. They talk of freedom but don’t want other to speak out. Companies love cheap labour. They are not bothered that 80% of immigrants are on welfare. They are just interested in cheap labour. Not interested if this means US citizens have to sell their homes or put on the street. This is happening all over Europe. The likes of Cherry Blair promotes migration, why, because she benefits from it. Like her tyrant husband. People need to defy these racist names. The real racists are the left wing communists.The freeloaders. The puppets of the bilderbergers.

Only time will tell if Donald Trump is any good. But if the media are against him. This is a good thing as he is a threat to the elite and good for the 99% of US citizens.


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