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Wild Camping

December 21, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments

Do you think wild camping is a good thing, despite people not cleaning up after themselves?


Wild camping is a good thing for families that want to encourage their kids to appreciate nature, wild animals and plants. But too many use this to destroy their environment, discard items that could endanger wild animals, horses, dogs and cats.  Why can’t they take their rubbish home. Why do they have to cut young trees down for fires, Why do they throw their cans and bottles either into the river or smash them on rocks.

I personally, if i see anything like this, I would either film them and take their car reg number, post it on social media and report them to the police and environmental health. These people need to be fined, cars took off them and publicly ridiculed. Crucifixion, I hear you say. Well not for the first offence. Maybe their kids took off them as they can’t be very good parents.

In the summer we are plagued by such like monsters and i personally would like to see wild camping either controlled, outlawed or severe fines on hooligan elements.

On a more serious note, wouldn’t it be better to have a camping permit so that there is traceability. Not one for big brother controlling our lives but maybe some people have to be controlled otherwise we would be in a state of complete anarchy.

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