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A message from Union of Concerned Scientists 

December 28, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments

ExxonMobil has subpoenaed our staff’s emails and documents related to UCS’s efforts to hold the company accountable for deceiving investors and the public on climate change. This followed a similar subpoena by the Exxon-friendly chair of the House Science committee, Representative Lamar Smith.Their strategy: tie up the people and organizations who exposed their efforts to deceive the public, cost them time and money, and scare nonprofits off from future accountability efforts.

And with Donald Trump’s nomination of Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State, it’s clear Exxon’s political power will be more formidable than ever.

Well, let me say this: we refuse to be intimidated. We will continue this fight. But by 12/31 we need to know what resources we’ll have—as we work to stop the corporate and political attacks on science that we know are coming right on the heels of Trump’s inauguration. Renew your support with a tax-deductible gift of $5 or more to the Union of Concerned Scientists before 12/31 >>

ExxonMobil is attacking UCS because we are a real threat. They know we don’t take government or corporate funding so we’re more independent and less susceptible to intimidation. They know we’re bipartisan and can mobilize people across the political spectrum. They’re hoping the prospect of an expensive legal fight will convince us to drop our role as a defender of science.

But we won’t stop fighting. Even with fossil fuel allies controlling Congress and the presidency next year, we can and will continue to work for real climate change solutions.

Take palm oil, one of the biggest agricultural commodities on the planet. Over the last 10 years, booming demand led to massive tropical deforestation—and colossal carbon emissions. So we worked with investors, targeted huge brands like General Mills and Procter & Gamble, and collaborated with other organizations—securing sustainability policy changes at 24 major global brands in just the last few years. And as of this year, most globally traded palm oil is covered by solid commitments to zero deforestation, saving millions of acres of forest and keeping tons of carbon out of the air.¹

Or take our progress in the last year, even with a hostile Congress: We helped pass best-in-class clean energy laws in California, Oregon, Illinois, and Massachusetts and won strong national fuel efficiency standards for heavy duty trucks (which will prevent 1.1 billion tons of carbon pollution).²

We won these victories after years of smart campaigning—often under political climates that were discouraging.

Help us show our opponents that they can’t bully us into silence. Renew your support for the Union of Concerned Scientists—give $5 or more today.

We’ve already organized thousands of scientists to pressure the incoming Trump administration—getting media attention in The Washington Post, NBC News, and The Scientist magazine—and we will continue to make our voice impossible to ignore.

We can do all this and more because of generous donors who stand up for science and the truth, and who believe that progress is possible, no matter the obstacles from fossil fuel companies and their political allies.

Under the new president and Congress, we expect more and more political and corporate attacks on science, on scientists themselves, and on safeguards for our health and the environment.

Will you have our backs? Before December 31, renew your support for the Union of Concerned Scientists. Help us hit this goal—and repudiate ExxonMobil’s attack.

Thank you for your steadfast support, especially in these challenging times.

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