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Defend endangered species 

December 28, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments

The outlook for endangered species in 2017 and beyond is startling. President-elect Trump does not take office for weeks, but his nominations to key positions in his administration signal that endangered species and the laws that protect them are at real risk.
Help fight to defend the Endangered Species Act in the Trump administration and GOP Congress with a dollar-for-dollar matched donation today. 

President-elect Trump’s selection of billionaires and heads-of-industry for Cabinet spots is gravely concerning. Giving polluters such as Exxon not just access, but actual appointments, could upend what progress has been made to address global and domestic threats to the environment and wildlife. His nomination of freshman Representative Ryan Zinke to head the Department of the Interior is gravely worrying. Representative Zinke has shown little interest in protecting endangered species and has, to the contrary, used his time in Congress to weaken the Endangered Species Act–even seeking to strip highly endangered lobos of protections.

Your end of year donation will be doubled! Please help to defend the Endangered Species Act from attacks in 2017 with a 100% tax-deductible gift.

There is little hope that Congress will be any sort of a check on anti-wildlife policies either. GOP control means that new energy and focus will be on stripping protections and weakening regulations. Representative Rob Bishop (R-UT) said recently that he “would be happy to invalidate the Endangered Species Act.” 

This level of candor is as unusual as it is alarming. As Chair of the House Natural Resources Committee, Representative Bishop has extraordinary power over legislation that moves–or stalls–and has shown his preference for weakening the Act. Make no mistake, we will fight every piece of anti-wildlife legislation with calls, emails, tweets, posts, and in-person visits from activists around the country. But, we need your help. Please support defense of the Endangered Species Act with a 100% tax-deductible year end donation today.

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