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NAVS a parents story

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When Billie Rouse read her son Drew’s science syllabus at the start of the school year, her heart fell.
In just a few months, Drew’s class would be taking part in animal dissection exercises, cutting open, poking, prodding and examining fetal pigs. But Billie knew that her son could not—and would not—dissect a once-live animal. 
She needed an alternative—quickly. But Drew’s science teacher all but dismissed the notion as impractical. 
“He insisted it had to be realistic,” Billie said. “And from his smiling I think he thought that was the end of the discussion—that there wouldn’t be a suitable alternative. But he hadn’t counted on NAVS.”billie_drew
Billie reached out to NAVS, and soon, thanks to our Biology Education Advancement Program (BioLEAP) resources, she was soon holding in her hands—at no cost to her—a lifelike fetal pig model that met every one of the teacher’s criteria. 
“When Drew (pictured, with his dad) took the model pig to school along with all the accompanying information NAVS provided,” says Billie, “it was a hit! The teacher was very impressed—and the other students were jealous!”
In addition to providing individual resources to parents, students and educators, NAVS also leads national, state-by-state humane science education advocacy efforts through our CHOICE (Compassionate Humane Options In Classroom Education) initiative. CHOICE is helping to ensure that students who opt out of cruel classroom dissection aren’t punished for standing up for their right to not harm an animal—no matter where they live.
“I remember not being able to enjoy my science class because of dissection,” Billie says. “But I really enjoyed the other elements of science. I wonder how many students are turned off by entering the field because they are opposed to dissection.” 
No student should have to decide between following their dream and following their conscience. That’s why I hope you will join Billie in supporting NAVS’ efforts to advance humane science education. 

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