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Chicken intelligence 

Before I share the important article on chicken intelligence from today’s Times of London, I ask a favor: if you are a UK subscriber to DawnWatch and appreciate getting alerts from time to time that are specific to the UK, would you kindly let me know? I want to make sure I am not sending them out into a vacuum.The Thursday January 5, edition of The Times (London) includes an article, by Oliver Moody, titled ” Not so bird-brained: chickens reveal their darker side.” 

It opens:

“Over their meagre rations and in their overcrowded pens, a race of slaves may be plotting humanity’s overthrow even now.

“They have mastered the dark arts of spin. They have learnt to bide their time in the service of higher goals. Their way of life is a pitiless rollercoaster of subjugation and dominance.
“Chickens, according to a new review of the scientific evidence, have been grossly underestimated. Where most humans see lumbering pairs of uncooked drumsticks or, at best, smelly egg factories, the animal cognition researcher Lori Marino sees a species that rivals mammals and very small children by some measures of mental ability.”

The full article is on line at http://tinyurl.com/za2nxe4 (Registration to read the whole article is free and quick — and it lets the Times know that this article made you a registered reader.)

It takes a light tone but is extremely informative. And it opens the door for either light-toned or seriously toned letters about eating chicken and other “white meat.” 

The Times takes letters at letters@thetimes.co.uk and asks that you “please include postal address and daytime telephone number.”

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