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In the line of Duty

January 12, 2017 Leave a comment Go to comments

You might already know Police Dog Finn’s story.This German Shepherd was out on duty with Hertfordshire Constabulary one night in October when he was stabbed multiple times in the head and chest while helping to detain a suspect.

Finn survived – but only just. After a four-hour operation, and weeks of recovery time, Finn’s finally back on his feet and has just returned to work.

Protect police dogs like Finn

Currently, the law classes police support animals as ‘property’ which means someone who attacks a police dog can only be charged with criminal damage – just as if they’d smashed the window of a police car or damaged a piece of equipment.

But this isn’t right. Police dogs are far more than property. They are intelligent, sentient, highly-trained team members who put in years of hard work protecting the public – and, as Finn’s story shows, even risking their lives. The law needs to recognise their exceptional service. And animals like Finn deserve justice.

Please write to your MP and ask them to support ‘Finn’s Law’ to change the legal status of police support animals.

Take action now

People all over the country have been rallying in support of Finn. After more than 100,000 people signed a Government petition, there was a House of Commons debate about ‘Finn’s Law’. Many police forces – who witness these animals’ bravery first hand every day – want to see the law changed, too.

Now we just need to make sure there is enough political momentum to make this happen.

You can help, by letting your MP know that this issue is important to you, and asking them to contact the minister responsible for policing about introducing new legislation to protect animals like Finn.

Email your MP

With your help, we can make sure something good comes out of Finn’s horrific ordeal.

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